UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs. Lobov

Bridgestone Arena | Nashville, Tennessee
Saturday, April 22, 2017


This card stated off with a bang.  Both fighters came out with the intention to end it quick and it did.  Hector Sandoval knocked out Matt Schnell in the first Round at 4:24! The double body slams were insane and very well done.  The next fight also ended quick at 3:30 of the first round when Bryan Barberena knocks out Joe Proctor.  The fight between Brandon Moreno and Dustin Ortiz was fast paced and full of energy.  Both fighters fought well as Moreno wins by rear naked choke submission.  Another fast paced fight was between Jake Ellenberger and Mike Perry that ended in a KO as well in the second round.  The fight between Marcos Rogerio de Lima and Ovince Saint Preux ended in a Von Flue Choke Submission leaving Preux to win in Round 2. The fastest fight of the night was the co-main event between Al Iaquinta and Diego Sanchez when Iaquinta wins at 1:38 of the first round by knocking out Sanchez with a hook.  The rest of the fights went to the judges to decide including the main event.  Keep on reading to find out who the winners were and if the judges agreed with our decisions.

Overall, this card averaged a score of 3.38/5 therefore giving the card a rating of 4/5.

Until next time, Stay Tuned, Stay Focused. Good Night till the Next Fight.

Fighting out of the BLUE CORNER and fighting out of the RED CORNER


Al “Raging” Iaquinta (New York, USA) 12 – 3 – 1 VS Diego “Lionheart” Sanchez (New Mexico, USA) 29 – 9 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – A low blow right off the bat to Iaquinta from Sanchez.  He seems to be okay as no time out was needed.  Iaquinta lands a nice hook that drops Sanchez.  Sanchez gets back up when Iaquinta lands another hook that knocks Sanchez out!  Now that was a fast fight.  Al Iaquinta wins by KO at 1:38 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Marcos “Pezao” Rogerio de Lima (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 15  – 5 – 1 VS Ovince Saint Preux (Tennessee, USA) 19 – 10 – 0 Light Heavyweight

  • ROUND 1 – Rogerio de Lima starting out aggressive with two leg kicks that miss Preux both times. Two minutes left in the round.  So far the only action has been Rogerio de Lima’s constant body and leg kicks towards Preux.  The fight ends, we give it to Rogerio de Lima for attempting and landing more strikes.
  • ROUND 2 – Rogerio de Lima attempts a kick which Preux catches and takes Rogerio de Lima down.  Rogerio de Lima is bleeding from his face while Preux is landing punches and elbows.  Rogerio de Lima has Preux in a head lock, while Preux is attempting a submission himself which he gets.  Ovince Preux wins by Von Flue Choke Submission at 2:11 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5

John “Magician” Dodson (New Mexico, USA) 19 – 8 – 0 VS Eddie Wineland (Indianapolis, USA) 23 – 11 – 1 Bantemweight

Fun Fact! John Dodson is the Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Winner! 

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters coming out fast paced! Strikes are being exchanged between the two however nothing of significance has occurred. Both fighters are looking to counter the other. A flurry of punches by Dodson that pushes Wineland to the cage however within seconds they are both back to the centre of the Octagon.  Less than a minute to go.  This was a close round, however we give it to Dodson for his flurry of punches that seem to be slightly more than Wineland’s attacks.
  • ROUND 2 – This round starts off fast once again.  Dodson being more aggressive this round.  Both fighters exchanging strikes however nothing of significance once again.  The crowd is booing.  Dodson with a flurry of punches.  30 seconds to go.  We give this round to Dobson once again.
  • ROUND 3 – And again, both fighters come out fast and furious, however none of the strikes land. Dobson lands a few significant strikes.  Wineland’s face is starting to bleed.  2 minutes left in the last round.  30 seconds.  We give this round and the fight to Dobson 30-27.  Judges decide 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for winner by unanimous decision John Dodson.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Joe Lauzon (Massachusetts, USA) 27 – 13 – 0 VS Stevie “Braveheart” Ray (Fife, Scotland) 20 – 6 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – The round starting off quick, with Lauzon taking Ray down and kneeing him to the face.  The take down doesn’t last long as both are back in the centre of the Octagon wresting for position.  Lauzon takes Ray down again and has his back.  An elbow by Lauzon to Ray’s face once again.  Lauzon is now in full mount.  Lauzon goes for a guillotine choke, doesn’t get it and transitions to a full mount dropping some elbows.  This fight is fast paced as the round isn’t even half over! Another full mount by Lauzon.  A massive right elbow from Lauzon to Ray.  We thought that would have knocked Ray out however it didn’t and the round ends.  We give it to Lauzon for his pure dominance.
  • ROUND 2 – Both fighters coming out swinging.  Ray coming out more aggressive than Lauzon, probably as he knows he was dominated in the first round.  An elbow by Lauzon which resulted in a couple knees by Ray as a countermeasure.  Lauzon attempts a take down and doesn’t get it.  Ray is landing a bunch of significant strikes.  A punch to the head and a body shot.  Lauzon catches Ray’s leg kick and takes him down.  Less than 2 minutes to go.  The round is over, we give it to Ray for being the more active fighter.
  • ROUND 3 – Ray comes out aggressive to start off the round once again.  Ray attempting some strikes on Lauzon.  Lauzon goes for a take down, doesn’t get it therefore leaving both fighters to battle for position.  Ray landing a lot more strikes from the bottom than Lauzon is from the top.  Both fighters get back up with a minute left in the last round.  Ray lands some big knees to Lauzon.  You can tell that Lauzon is tired.  30 seconds to go.  Ray wants this fight and you can tell.  And with the way he fought, we give this round and the fight to Ray 29-28.  Judges decide 28-27, 29-27, 28-28 for the winner by majority decision Stevie Ray.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger (California, USA)  31 – 12 – 0 VS Mike “Platinum” Perry (Florida, USA) 9 – 1 – 0 Welterweight

  • ROUND 1 – Perry coming out fast with a leg kick to Ellenberger’s stomach.  Ellenberger then takes Perry down however both fighters are back on their feet in no time.  Both fighters are trading shots, however there is nothing significant.  Less than a minute to go in this round.  Ellenberger attempts a take down, which doesn’t last long as Perry gets up quickly.  We give this round to Ellenberger for the take downs as the strikes between the two fighters even themselves out.
  • ROUND 2 – Ellenberger rushes Perry and lands a few significant blows.  Perry lands a hook on Ellenberger and drops him.  Perry lands a major elbow that drops Ellenberger and he is out! Mike Perry wins by KO at 1:05 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5


Sam “Smiley” Alvey  (California, USA) 30 – 8 – 0 VS Thales Leites (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) 26- 7 – 0 Middleweight

  • ROUND 1 – Leites comes out with a big leg kick to Alvey’s inner right leg leaving Alvey’s to  hobble a little.  He does that twice and you can see Alvey’s trying not to put a lot of pressure on it.  This is not a good start for him.  Leites continues to attack the right leg with leg kicks.  Leites attempts a take down but doesn’t get it just as the horn blows.  We give this round to Leites for more strikes and controlling the round.
  • ROUND 2 – Leites starts off the round attacking Alvey’s leg once again.  Leites has Alvey against the cage working for position.  He doesn’t get it, therefore they both break and are back in the centre of the Octagon.  Leites goes for a take down once again and Alvey is defending well.  20 seconds to go.  We give this round to Leites once again.  You can tell that the initial strike to Alvey’s leg is really planing a part against him in this fight.
  • ROUND 3 – Another leg kick to start off the third round by Leites.  A low blow to Alvey from Leites leaving there to be a quick time out.  Leites with a body kick followed by a leg kick.  And then an eye poke to Alvey! Poor guy is getting a beating.  Less than a minute to go.  Leites attempts a take down to end the round.  He doesn’t get it however has Alvey against the cage to win the round.  We give this round and the fight to Leites 30-27.  All judges score 30-27 for winner by unanimous decision Thales Leites.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Brandon “The Assassin Baby” Moreno (Tijuana, Mexico) 13 – 3 – 0 VS Dustin Ortiz (Tennessee, USA) 16 – 6 – 0 Flyweight

  • ROUND 1 – Ortiz starts off strong and gets Moreno against the cage.  Moreno attempting an arm bar submission however Ortiz defending it well. Ortiz is still trying to secure a take down however Moreno is doing a great job of defending as well.  Moreno escapes and both are back in the centre of the Octagon.  Ortiz attempts a take down again however Moreno defends once again and reverses it maintaining full mount on Ortiz.  Ortiz then reverses that as both fighters are now standing against the cage.  Round 1 comes to an end, we give this round to Ortiz for his dominance of the round.
  • ROUND 2 – Both fighters coming out strong once again.  Both fighters landing heavy strikes on each other.  Ortiz takes Moreno down and has him up against the cage.  Moreno escapes and we are back in the centre of the Octagon.  A head kick by Moreno drops Ortiz and almost knocks him out.  Moreno seeing the opportunity is all over Ortiz looking to submit him and end the fight.  Moreno then gets Ortiz’s back and works for submission.  He succeeds! Brandon Moreno wins by rear naked choke submission at 4:06 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Scott “Hot Sauce” Holtzman (Tennessee, USA) 9 – 2 – 0 VS Michael McBride (Iowa, USA) 8 -2 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 –  Hometown kid Holtzman starts out with a big left hook that stuns McBride, followed up by a right hook! If the pace keeps up, this may be a quick fight.  Holtzman has McBride against the cage where McBride attempts a take down.  Holtzman reverses it while McBride attempts a submission.  Holtzman defends well.  Another left hook by Holtzman, drops McBride.  Holtzman delivers a kick which ends up being a low blow to McBride leaving him with a quick time out to regain his composure.  McBride goes for a take down with 45 seconds left and gets it.  He loses position and Holtzman ends up on top.  20 seconds to go.  We give this round to Holtzman for his dominance and being the more effective striker.
  • ROUND 2 – Round 2 starts, Holtzman dominating the stand up game.  McBride tries to bring him down to the ground for a submission however Holtzman maintains his stance and brings McBride back to his level.  McBride takes Holtzman down, however Holtzman reverses it and ends up on top of McBride delivering a few good elbows.  After a few seconds of inactivity, Holtzman gets up and walks away from the take down.  McBride is down once again baiting Holtzman to come after him.  The horn blows.  We give this round to Holtzman once again
  • ROUND 3 – Holtzman with a right upper cut followed by a hook to start the ground.  McBride is tired! Holtzman is taking over this round landing good combinations and strikes.  Holtzman takes McBride down where McBride once again tries to get a submission.  Less than 2 minute to go with Holtzman on top of McBride.  We give this round and the fight to Holtzman 30-27.  The crowd is booing near the last few seconds of the fight as McBride is on his back waiting for Holtzman to come to him.  Over to the judges for their decision.  Judges score 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 for winner by unanimous decision Scott Holtzman! Fight Rate: 3/5 

Jessica Penne (California, USA) 12- 5 – 0 VS Danielle “Dynamite” Taylor (California, USA) 8 – 2- 0 Strawweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters feeling each other out trading strikes.  Penne being the physically taller fighter however Taylor seems to be landing strikes with ease.  Taylor catches a kick from Penne and responds with a straight right hand jab.  Less than 90 seconds to go in the first round.  Taylor catches another kick by Penne and delivers a jab once again.  We give this round to Taylor for being the more active fighter and landing more strikes.
  • ROUND 2 – Round 2 starts off with both fighters exchanging leg kicks and then punches.  Neither seeming to have any significant impact on the other.  Ninety seconds left in this round.  This may be another fight that goes to the judges for decision.  A minute to go.  Taylor seems to be taking control of the fight and picking up the pace by landing a lot of significant strikes before the round ends.  We give this round to Taylor as well.
  • ROUND 3 – This round starts off the same way as the other two.  Taylor being the more quicker fighter.  It shows based on her more effective striking.  Penne attempts a take down, Taylor defends it well.  Both fighters attempting for dominante position.  Neither get it and now they are both standing in the centre of the Octagon.  A minute to go.  Penne takes down Taylor just as the horn goes.  We give this round and fight to Taylor 30-27.  Judges decide 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision Danielle Taylor.  Fight Rate: 2/5 


Cindy “Battle Cat” Dandois (Deurne, Belgium) 8 – 2 – 0 VS Alexis Davis (Ontario, Canada) 17 – 7 – 0 Bantamweight

  • ROUND 1 – Dandois takes Davis down in the beginning of the round.  Davis looking for a submission while Dandois defends it well.  The crowd starts booing as there isn’t much action.  Davis then goes for an arm bar submission.  Dandois defends well once again, however now Davis is in a full mount.  Being a Jui-Jitsu champion, this is exactly where she wants to be.  Davis looses the mount and instead attempts a leg lock submission.  Dandois defends it well with less than 30 seconds to go.  Both fighters are looking to establish dominant position on the ground.  We give this round to Davis for her dominance and control of the round.
  • ROUND 2 – Dandois attempts a take down, Davis defends well and catches her with a knee.  Davis has Dandois against the cage.  Dandois attempts another take down.  Davis reverses it and is now on top of Dandois.  Both fighters stand up.  Dandois then attempts another take down and succeeds this time.  30 seconds to go.  We give this round to Davis for the more effective striking.
  • ROUND 3 – Davis comes out landing a few strikes.  Dandois then takes Davis down again.  Davis escapes and gets back to her feet. Dandois then grabs a hold of Davis and pins her against the cage.  Dandois takes Davis down again, Davis reverses it and gets back on her feet. Dandois goes for another take down yet again and succeeds once more.  Less than a minute left.  Davis goes for a head and arm choke to end the round however there isn’t enough time left and Dandois survives the round.  We give this round to Dandois and the fight to Davis 29-28.  Over to the judges.  Judges decide 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision Alexis Davis.  Apparently the crowd doesn’t like this as they are booing.  Interesting. Fight Rate: 3/5

Bryan “Bam Bam” Barberena (Arizona, USA) 12 – 4 – 0 VS Joe Proctor (Massachusetts, USA) 11 – 4 – 0 Welterweight

  • ROUND 1 – This fight starting off a lot slower than the previous one.  Both fighters seem more cautious on their approach and are taking their time with their strikes.  Proctor lands a nice combination backing Barberena against the fence.  Both fighters urging the other on by raising their arms and mocking the other.  Barberena lands a right hook that drops Proctor.  Barberena backs him up against the cage and lands 6 knees to the head.  Proctor drops to the ground where Barberena follows up with more punches to the head.  The referee calls a stop to the fight at 3:30 of Round 1.  The card may have started off slow, but it ended fast! Bryan Barberena wins by TKO.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Hector “Kid Alex” Sandoval (Mechoacan, Mexico) 13 – 3 – 0 VS Matt “Danger” Schnell (Louisiana, USA) 10 – 3 – 0  Flyweight

Fun Fact! Matt Schnell was on the Ultimate Fighter Season 24 Show! 

  • ROUND 1 – Here we go! Another weekend, another fight.  Both fighters come out with a good start to the fight and the card. These two are going at it! Sandoval gets Schnell down however Sandoval defends it. Sandoval then goes for a flying knee which gets caught by Schnell and brings Sandoval down.  Both fighters get quickly back up to their feed and back to the centre of the Octagon they go.  This is an action packed round 1 that’s for sure. Schnell goes for a hook however Sandoval uses Schnell’s momentum against him and takes him down.  Like the other take downs, this doesn’t last long and they are both back on their feet.  Sandoval tries to take Schnell down again, when Schnell attempts a choke hold.  Sandoval then picks Schnell up and slams him down to the ground TWICE, in order to loosen the choke. In the meantime, Schnell lets go of the choke while Sandoval lands some big punches and KNOCKS OUT Schnell. Winner by KO at 4:24 in the first round Hector Sandoval.  Fight Rate: 4/5  What an excellent way to start off the card.

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