UFC 211: Miocic vs. Dos Santos 2

American Airlines Center | Dallas, Texas
Saturday, May 13, 2017


*As of May 10th, Henry Cejudo has pulled out of his fight with Sergio Pettis, due to a wrist injury. David Branch vs. Krzysztof Jotko has been bumped to the Main Card.* 


The card started off quick! Gadzhimurad Antigulov submitted Joachim Christensen at 2:21 of the first round.  Another quick fight came in the first game of the prelims where James Vick knocks out Marco Reyes at 2:39 of the first round! The fight between Rashad Coulter and Chase Sherman was very entertaining! The back and forth battle had you cheering for the underdog and his comeback.  Although Sherman wins by TKO in the second round, both fighters gave it their all.  A No Contest fight ended up wrapping up the preliminary card.  The referee called an accidental foul at 4:12 of the second round thinking that an illegal knee had occurred.  Due to the judges not scoring that fight, we didn’t include it either in our overall fight rating and score.  Frankie Edgar won via TKO against Yair Rodriguez at 5:00 of Round 2 due to doctors stoppage as his eye was swollen shut.  That was a fight worth seeing! The main fights went well also.  The fight between Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade went to the judges for decision however was an interesting fight.  The fight between Stipe Miocic and Junior Dos Santos ended as quickly as it began with Miocic winning via TKO at 2:22 of the first round! That was a great fight.

Overall, this card averaged a score of 3.55/5 therefore giving the card a rating of 5/5… making this our NEW best card of the year!

Until next time, Stay Tuned, Stay Focused. Good Night till the Next Fight.

Fighting out of the BLUE CORNER and fighting out of the RED CORNER


Joanna Jedrzejczyk  (Olsztyn, Poland) 13 – 0 – 0 VS Jessica “Bate Estaca” Andrade (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 16 – 5 – 0 – Strawweight for Strawweight title

  • ROUND 1 – A touch of gloves and we are on our way! A few leg kicks from each fighter to start off the round.  A flurry of punches from Andrade.  Andrade has Jedrzejczyk up against the cage and takes her down.  Jedrzejczyk defends well and both fighters are standing against the cage.  With less than a minute to go in the round, it seems that Jedrzejczyk is only throwing one kick or punch at a time whereby Andrade is delivering them in flurries.  With 20 seconds to go, Andrade takes down Jedrzejczyk once again.  This secures the round for her as well as our rating to give the round to Andrade.
  • ROUND 2 – Both fighters are exchanging strikes.  Jedrzejczyk seems to be on the defence with Andrade being the more offensive fighter.  Jedrzejczyk landing more strikes than Andrade.  Andrade attempting another take down which she gets for only a split second as Jedrzejczyk is back up and both fighters are back to the centre of the Octagon.  Less than 30 seconds to go.  We gave this round to Jedrzejczyk for being the more effective striker and landing more strikes.
  • ROUND 3 – Jedrzejczyk starting off the round with leg kicks.  Both fighters going back and forth exchanging strikes.  Andrade attempting another take down that doesn’t hold.  Jedrzejczyk is keeping her distance and landing her strikes.  This round goes to Jedrzejczyk as well.
  • ROUND 4 – Just like the last round, Jedrzejczyk is keeping her distance and landing her strikes.  Majority of the round consisted of back and forth strikes between the two fighters with Jedrzejczyk delivering the best of them.  Therefore, once again this round goes to Jedrzejczyk.  Onto the fifth and final round to see if Jedrzejczyk can keep her title or if Andrade will be the new winner.
  • ROUND 5 – Jedrzejczyk is keeping the same game plan of keeping her distance and landing strikes.  This strategy seems to be working well and to her advantage.  Less than a minute to go.  We give the round and the fight to Jedrzejczyk 49-46.  Judges score the fights; 50-45, 50-44 and 50-45 for the winner by unanimous decision and still champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Demian Maia ( Sao Paulo, Brazil) 24 – 6 – 0 VS Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal  (Florida, USA) 32 – 11 – 0 Welterweight

  • ROUND 1 – Maia with a take down to start off the round.  This doesn’t last long as both fighters are back to their feet.  Maia then gets a standing body lock on Masvidal against the cage.  This is an exhausting position for Masvidal to be in as he is literally carrying his own weight.  This goes on for almost 90 seconds before Masvidal managed to knock Maia to the mat.  Masvidal landed a few blows to Maia’s head just as the round ends.  We give this round to Maia for his dominance and strategy.
  • ROUND 2 – Masvidal starts off the round with a few leg kicks, stopping Maia’s two take down attempts.  Maia succeeds in another takedown and has Masvidal against the cage looking for a submission.  Maia now has Masvidal’s back attempting a submission while landing some head shots.  We give this round to Maia for controlling the round.
  • ROUND 3 – Masvidal starts off the third round the same way as the second, with his leg kicks.  Those seem to be his winning strategy.  Maia goes for a takedown, Masvidal tries to defend it however Maia still gets it.  40 seconds left as both fighters are still fighting on the mats.  This round goes to Maia as well as the fight.  Judges agree.  The score the rounds as 29-28 Maia, 29-28 Masvidal and 29-28 for winner by split decision Demian Maia.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar ( New Jersey, USA) 21 – 5 – 1 VS Yair “El Pantera” Rodriguez (Chihuahua, Mexico) 10 – 1 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – Edgar comes out with a flurry of punches followed up by a take down attempt which he gets! Edgar is on top landing elbows to Rodriguez’s face.  Edgar spent majority of the round landing punches and elbows to Rodriguez.  This round goes to him 100% for his dominance.
  • ROUND 2 – We see Rodriguez’s face and his eye is completely swollen.  Rodriguez with a spinning back kick however Edgar takes him down once again.  Rodriguez is looking for a leg lock submission however doesn’t have it.  Edgar gets loose and is hammering down punches once again to Rodriguez’s face.  Edgar is now in full mount! Rodriguez may be in trouble here. Rodriguez escapes the full mount however Edgar is still on top.  Less than a minute to go.  We give this round to Edgar once again for pure dominance.  We see the doctors looking at Rodriguez’s eye as his eye is swollen shut from all the elbows and punches.  They will be discussing to determine if Rodriguez is well enough to continue fighting.  The referee calls a stop to the fight.  Winner by TKO by doctors stoppage at 5:00 of Round 2- Frankie Edgar.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Henry “The Messenger” Cejudo (  ) 10 – 2 – 0 VS Sergio Pettis (  ) 15 – 2 – 0

David Branch (New York, USA) 20 – 3 – 0 VS Krzysztof Jotko (Orneta, Poland) 19 – 1 – 0 – Middleweight

  • ROUND 1 – Branch starting the fight off aggressive looking to end it quickly.  Branch shoots in for a take down and secures it.  Both fighters wrestling on the mat looking for dominance.  Jotko defending well.  Jotko get’s up and Branch has him pinned against the cage.  Less than a minute left in the round.  There hasn’t been much activity in this round however we give it to Branch due to being the more aggressive fighter.
  • ROUND 2 – Both fighters come out swinging and missing.  Jotko pins Branch up against the cage however they are quickly back to the centre of the Octagon.  Branch goes for an inside leg kick, misses and connects with Jotko’s groin.  Branch then goes for a take down, gets it, however Jotko is back up in no time.  Jotko with a spinning back kick makes contact followed by a take down by Branch.  Less than 10 seconds to go.  The round ends.  Once again it wasn’t a very active round.  We give it to Branch for being more active and the take downs in the round.
  • ROUND 3 – Round 3 starts with both fights trying to establish some sort of rhythm with their striking.  Branch pins Jotko against the cage where the referee breaks them up due to inactivity.  Branch goes for a double leg take down and secures it with ninety seconds to go.  That move may have won him the fight.  Jotko is defending it well and both fighters are standing against the cage where the referee breaks them up once again.  Less than a minute to go.  The horn blows to end the round.  We give this round and the fight to Branch once again due to having a more dominant position 30-27.  Over to the judges for their decision.  Judges score 29-28 Branch, 29-28 Jotko and 29-28 Branch for the winner by split decision David Branch.  Fight Rate: 3/5


Eddie “The Underground King” Alvarez (Pennsylvania, USA) 28 – 5 – 0 VS Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier (Florida, USA) 21 – 5 – 0 – Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters feeling each other out for the first minute. Poirier lands a jab that stuns Alvarez however Alvarez recovers well.  A minute left in the round, Poirier mixing up his combos and landing more strikes.  Alvarez attempts to land some power strikes as the round ends. We give this round to Poirier for being the more aggressive fighter.
  • ROUND 2 – Alvarez comes out aggressive, lands a hook on Poirier, backs him up against the cage and closes the distance.  Poirier escapes and both fighter exchange throws in the middle of the Octagon.  Poirier lands a huge uppercut that stuns Alvarez and leaves him wobbling.  A head kick by Poirier!  Alveraz responds with big punches that stun Poirier.  Both fighters are exchanging with huge punches. Alvarez takes Poirier down, he knees him twice to his head.  One is legal, the second one is illegal and the refree steps in to stop the fight.  After discussion between the judges, the rule the knee to be a no contest.  At 4:12 of the second round, the referee calls an accidental foul therefore this fight is a no contest therefore no winner is declared.  Unfortunately with the fight being a no contest, we will not be rating it.

Jason “The Kid” Knight (Mississippi, USA) 16 – 2 – 0 VS Chas “The Scrapper” Skelly (Texas, USA) 16 – 2 – 0 – Featherweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters coming out very aggressive, Knight lands a left hook that backs up Skelly.  Skelly then responds with a stiff jab, followed by a take down. Knight attempts a submission to keep Skelly from doing any damage. Knight then reverses the take down and escapes. Both fighters now standing after a grappling for position.  Knight now takes Skelly down to end the round.  This is a tough round to call, however we will give it to Knight for being in control for majority of the round, both on offence and defence.
  • Round 2 – Knight starts off the round with another big hook that stuns Skelly.  Knight wants to keep this fight standing, as he seems to be winning the stand up. Both fighters attempting take downs, however only Knight succeeds. Knight then reverses it and stands up.  Knight lands a big hook that lands at Skelly’s chin and almost drops him. The horn blows and the round ends. We also give this round to Knight for controlling the round.
  • Round 3 – Knight starts off the round again with a big uppercut which catches Skelly and drops him. Knights jumps on him and lands some punches.  This fight should be stopped now, however the referee continues to watch.  As seconds go by, the fight still continues.  The referee finally decides to step in to end the fight.  Jason Knight wins by KO at 0.39 of Round 3.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Rashad Coulter (Texas, USA) 8 – 1 – 0 VS Chase “The Vanilla Gorilla” Sherman (Mississippi, USA) 9 – 3 – 0 Heavyweight

  • ROUND 1 –  Both heavyweights start out throwing power strikes and missing. Sherman with a few good leg kicks.  So far Sherman has control of the round with his effective striking.  A minute left in the first round.  Sherman hits Coulter with a big leg kick which almost drops him.  You can tell Coulter is hurting, however the round ends without Sherman being to capitalize on the incident.  We give the round to Sherman for his dominance in the striking department.
  • ROUND 2 – Both fighters coming out aggressive once again looking to end the fight.  Sherman is taking control and has Coulter on the ground, against the cage.  The referee watching close ready to jump in if needed.  Which he doesn’t as Coulter gets back up with a bloody face.  Coulter is making a comeback! Landing his punches he is not going down without a fight.  Less than two minutes to go in the fight with both fighters teetering.  They are barely hanging in there when Sherman lands an elbow to Coulter’s head and drops him.  That was a good fight.  Chase Sherman wins by TKO at 3:36 of Round 2.   Fight Rate: 4/5

Marco Polo “El Toro” Reyes (Neyarit, Mexico) 7 – 3 – 0 VS James “The Texecutioner” Vick (Texas, USA) 9 – 1 – 0  Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters feeling each other out to start off the round. Vick starts to take control of the fight.  After trading punches back and forth, Vick stuns Reyes with a left hook followed by a right jab knocking Reyes to the ground.  He then jumps on him delivering punch after punch until the referee stops the fight.  James Vick wins by TKO at 2:39 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5


Jessica Aguilar (Florida, USA) 19 – 5 – 0 VS Cortney “Cast Iron” Casey  (Maui, Hawaii) 6 – 4 – 0 Strawweight

  • ROUND 1 – Casey coming out strong however Aguilar leg kicks Casey and knocks her down.  Casey gets back up and is throwing a flurry of punches to Aguilar.  Aguilar trips Casey and the two are wrestling it out.  The referee stands the fighters up due to inactivity with a minute to go in the round.  Casey is throwing combinations of kicks and punches that are landing very well.  Same as the last fight, just as the horn blows, Aguilar throws a hook that drops Casey.  Saved by the bell.  We give this round to Casey.
  • ROUND 2 – Casey comes out with a good combo, Aguilar catches the kick and takes Casey down.  The two are wrestling once again on the ground and once again the referee stands them back up.  Both fighters exchanging some combos.  Casey giving the best of the punches and kicks.  Aguilar catches Casey’s leg once again and takes Casey down.  Casey stuns Aguilar with an up kick to the head.  Less than a minute to go.  We give this round to Casey once again.
  • ROUND 3 – Casey comes out strong! Very effective strikes that are landing.  Aguilar is bleeding bad from her nose due to all the strikes by Casey.  Half way into the last round and this fight is all Casey.  She is looking to finish this fight.  A minute to go in the fight.  The fight is over.  We give the round and the fight to Casey 30-27.  The judges score 30-27 for winner by unanimous decision Cortney Casey.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Enrique ” El Fuerte” Barzola (Lima, Peru) 12 – 3 – 1 VS Gabriel “Moggly” Benitez (California, USA) 18 – 4 – 0 – Featherweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters coming out exchanging kicks.  Barzola with a huge takedown.  Benitez gets out and both fighters are in the centre of the Octagon.  Benitez is landing more effective strikes.  Barzola pins Benitez against the cage. Barzola with another take down with 10 seconds left however nothing comes from it as the round ends.  We give this round to Benitez for more effective striking and causing more damage.
  • ROUND 2 – Benitez starts off the round with effective strike combos.   Barzola then takes down Benitez which doesn’t last long as Benitez pops back up.  Barzola takes Benitez down again! Good defence by Benitez as he gets back up again.  A minute left in the round, so far we give this round to Barzola for his take downs multiple times and effective striking.
  • ROUND 3 – The round begins with Barzola taking down Benitez once again.  The 7th take down in this fight!  Barzola then has Benitez’s back and is looking for a submission.  Benitez does a great job of defending the guillotine choke and now both fighters are standing in the centre of the Octagon.  Benitez coming back knowing that he needs to win by knockout or submission.  Barzola secures a take down to stop Benitez’s striking game.  Less than a minute to go in the fight. Benitez then rocks Barzola and knocks him down with a left hook and hurts him right as the horn blows.  We give this round and fight to Barzola 29-28.  Over to the judges.  And we’re correct! 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision Enrique Barzola.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Joachim Christensen (Copenhagen, Denmark) 14 – 4 – 0 vs. Gadzhimurad Antigulov (Makhachkala, Russia) 19 – 4 – 0 – Light Heavyweight

  • ROUND 1 – Here we go! Antigulov takes down Christensen against the fence working his wrestling.  Antigulov gets the back of Christensen and is working for a submission.  However Christensen is defending it well.  Antigulov then sinks in a rear naked choke forcing Christensen to tap. Gadzhimurad Antigulov wins by Rear Naked Choke Submission at 2:21 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5

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