UFC Fight Night 110: Lewis vs. Hunt

Spark Arena | Auckland, New Zealand

Saturday, June 10th, 2017


*As of June 8, 2017 the fight between Thibault Gouti and Dong Hyun Kim has been scrapped due to Kim feeling ill.*


Majority of the fights in the early prelim and prelims ended up in decision.  However, majority of the fights in the main card were won via knockout.  A few of the memorable fights were between Damien Brown vs. Vinc Pichel who won by KO at 3:37 of Round 1.  Another win in the first round was by Ben Nguyen vs. Tim Elliott when Nguyen submitted Elliott at 0:49 with a Rear Naked Choke Submission.   The fight between Ion Cutelaba and Henrique da Silva ended even faster when Cutelaba knocked out da Silva at 0:22 of the first round! That was a great fight that was over before it even began.  The fight between Dan Hooker and Ross Pearson took a turn.  Pearson seemed to be leading Round 1 and 2 however Hooker landed a knee to Pearson’s face that knocked him out at 3:02 of Round 2.  That came out of nowhere. I guess they usually do! Another fight that ended quick was when Derek Brunson knocked out Daniel Kelly in Round 1 at 1:16.  The main fight between Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt ended in a TKO during Round 4. Read on to see who the winner of that fight was.  At the end of the fight, Lewis announcing that this may be his last fight.  He’s getting married next week and doesn’t want to put his family through the worry of his fights.  We wish him all the best with his wedding!

Overall, this card averaged a score of 3.55/5 therefore giving the card a rating of 5/5. This card is tied for second place along side UFC 211: Miocic vs. Dos Santos on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Until next time, Stay Tuned, Stay Focused. Good Night till the Next Fight.

Fighting out of the BLUE CORNER and fighting out of the RED CORNER



Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis (Texas, USA) 18  – 4  – 0 VS Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt (Sydney, Australia) 12  – 11 – 1 Heavyweight
  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters starting off cautious and careful, waiting for the other to make a move.  A leg kick by Lewis, followed by two head kicks.  Hunt responds with two big punches to Lewis’ head.  An uppercut by Lewis followed by an uppercut by Hunt! A minute left to go in the first round.  The first round comes to an end.  We give it to Lewis for being the more active striker.
  • ROUND 2 – Lewis starts off the round with a head kick.  A right overhand by Lewis just misses Hunt’s head! A jumping knee by Lewis! Hunt responds with a two punch combo.  An unintentional eye poke by Lewis has the fight at a quick time out.  After a quick check up by the doctor, the fights are on the way once again starting with a good exchange of strikes by both fighters.  Lewis with a few aggressive strikes.  Hunt with a two hit combo.  With a minute to go, Hunt lands a big punch that stuns Lewis.  Both fighters are throwing heavy hands! A hook by Lewis! And another!  A big head kick by Lewis just as the round ends.  It was a close round, however we give it to Lewis once again for more effective striking,
  • ROUND 3 – Lewis is coming out strong with uppercuts! Lewis is finding his range.  Hunt lands a hook that has no effect on Lewis.  Hunt with a few good body shots.  He is starting to turn of the pace a bit.  The round ends and w give it to Hunt for turning it up and controlling majority of the round with his effective striking.
  • ROUND 4 – Hunt starts off the round by being the more aggressive fighter.  Hunt lands a nice combo that rocks Lewis! A hook by Lewis backs Hunt up.  Hunt landing a few good body shots followed by a hook that stuns Lewis! A flying knee by Lewis! You can tell that Lewis is tired.  Hunt lands a few shots to Lewis’ head and the referee jumps in and stops the fight even though Lewis was still standing and defending himself.  Mark Hunt wins by TKO at 3:51 of Round 4.  Fight Rate: 4/5
Dan “The Hangman” Hooker (Aukland, Australia) 14  – 7  – 0 VS Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson (Sunderland, England) 23  – 13  – 0 Lightweight
  • ROUND 1 – Pearson with an overhand right hook to start the round.  Both fighters trading strikes.  Pearson is giving the better of the stand up striking.  Hooker attempts a take down and fails as Pearson defends it well.  Pearson then lands a few leg kicks while Hooker responds with a head kick.  The round ends.  We give it to Pearson for being the more effective striker and landing more strikes.
  • ROUND 2 – Pearson starts off the round with another hook that backs Hooker up.  Hooker is finding a home for the leg kicks that he is giving.  A body shot by Pearson!   A stiff jab to Hookers face as Pearson’s response.  Pearson is counter striking with hooks and uppercuts.  A flying knee by Hooker lands on Pearson’s head and drops him immediately! Just like that, the fight is over.  Dan Hooker wins by KO at 3:02 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5
Ion “The Hulk” Cutelaba (Chisnau, Republic of Moldova) 12  – 3  – 0 VS Henrique “Frankenstein” da Silva (Benevides Brazil) 12  – 2  -0 Light Heavyweight
  • ROUND 1 – Cutelaba comes out aggressive and drops da Silva with a left hook.  He then rains down punches on him until the referee intervenes and stops the fight.  Ion Cutelaba wins by KO at 0:22 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5
Tim Elliott (Missouri, USA) 15  – 7  – 1 VS Ben “10” Nguyen (Queensland, Australia) 16  – 6  – 0 Flyweight
  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters coming out fast! Nguyen lands a head kick to Elliott.  Elliott goes for a take down, Nguyen defends it well, reverses it and ends up on the back of Elliott sinking in a Rear Naked Choke Submission.  And just like that Elliott taps out and is submitted.  Ben Nguyen wins by Rear Naked Choke Submission at 0:49 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5
Mizuto “Pugnus” Hirota (Tokyo, Japan) 19  – 7  – 2 VS Alex “The Great” Volkanovski (New South Wales, Australia) 14  – 1 – 0 Featherweight
  • ROUND 1 – Volkanovski starts the fight off by pinning Hirota up against the cage looking to land some knees. A hook by Volkanovski drops Hirota! Volkanovski landing punches and elbows to Hirota’s face.  Hirota escapes and back to the centre of the Octagon they go.  That doesn’t last long as Volkanovski trips Hirota and now both are against the cage which also doesn’t last long. Volkanovski takes Hirota down again.  The round ends.  We give it to Volkanovski for is dominance.
  • ROUND 2 – Both fighters starting off the second round more aggressive.  A spinning back elbow by Volkanovski stuns Hirota.  Volkanovski then takes Hirota down however Hirota gets back up and escapes.  Volkanovski with another hook that lands and stuns Hirota again.  Less than a minute to go.  Volkanovski lands anther hook that drops Hirota with 10 seconds to go.  We give this round to Volkanovski once again.
  • ROUND 3 – Volkanovski starts the round off with another spinning back elbow that ends on Hirota’s face.  Theses don’t seem to be having any effect on him as the fights continue.  Hirota attempts a takedown which he does not get.  Volkanovski pins Hirota against the cage.  Nothing of significance occurs therefore they break and are back to the centre of the Octagon.  A minute to go, both fighters are standing in the centre of the Octagon trading strikes.  Volkanovski with a good punch/kick combo to end the fight.  The horn blows.  We give this round and the fight to Volkanovski 30-27. All three judges score the fight 30-27 for winner by unanimous decision Alex Volkanovski. Fight Rate: 3/5


Damien “Beatdown” Brown (Queensland, Australia) 17 -9 – 0 VS Vinc “From Hell” Pichel (California, USA) 9- 1 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – Pichel starts off with a nice two punch combo.  Brown strikes back with a combo of his own.  Brown throwing a lot of punches, a few that are landing.  A big flurry of strikes by both fighters!  Pichel lands a right uppercut that drops Brown.  Brown is out! The referee jumps in and stops the fight.  Vinc Pichel win’s by KO at 3:37 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5
Luke “The Jedi” Jumeau (Waikato, New Zealand) 11 – 3 – 0 VS Dominique “Non Stop Action- Packed” Steele (Ohio, USA) 14 – 8 – 0 Welterweight
Fight Fact! This is Luke Jumeau’s UFC Debut!
  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters come out swinging to start the round.  Now both are being cautious waiting for the other to make a mistake.  A spinning back fist landed on Jumeau by Steele.  Steele then has Jumeau against the cage however Steele escapes quick and both fighters are in the centre of the Octagon.  Steele takes down Jumeau in the centre of the Octagon with 50 seconds to go.  This may have sealed the round for Steele.  We give this round to him.
  • ROUND 2 – Steele starts the round off agreesive!  A flying knee backs Jumeau up against the cage. Jumeau with a hook that stuns Steele – a big turn of events! Jumeau has Steele up against the cage.  Steele than reverses it and has Jumeau against the cage looking for a take down.  Two minutes left in the second round.  Both fighters reversing each other on the cage with no significant strikes.  The round ends, we give it to Jumeau for landing the most significant strikes and having more control of the round.
  • ROUND 3 – Steele comes out being the more aggressive fighter once again to start off the third round.  Steele has Jumeau up against the cage.  The referee splits them up due to inactivity.  Jumeau hits Steele with a hook that stuns him once again.  You can tell the momentum is changing to Jumeau’s favour.  Steele goes for a take down however Jumeau defends it well. A minute to go, Jumeau is ending the round off strong.  We give this round and fight to Jumeau for landing more significant strikes 29-28.  All three judges decide 29-28- Luke Jumeau wins by unanimous decision! Fight Rate: 3/5 
Ashkan “The Assassin” Mokhtarian (Sydney, Australia) 13 – 1 – 0 VS John Moraga (Arizona, USA) 16 – 6 – 0 Flyweight
Fight Fact! This is Ashkan Mokhtarian’s UFC Debut!
  • ROUND 1-  Mokhtarian goes for a take down while Moraga is attempting a guillotine choke.  Mokhtarian escapes and stands up and has Moraga against the cage.  Both fighters are exchanging knees.  They’ve both escaped the grips of the other and are in the centre of the Octagon.  Mokhtarian goes for another take down, while Moraga attempts another submission.  Mokhtarian escapes the submission however Moraga  is still on top of Mokhtarian.  To end the round, Moraga attempts an arm bar submission however runs out of time as the horn blows.  We give this round to Moraga for his dominance over the round.
  • ROUND 2 – Mokhtarian with an inside leg kick that drops Moraga a bit.  Moraga quickly recovers however Mokhtarian is continuing to land his kicks.  A flying need by Moraga lands on Mokhtarian’s head! Mokhtarian went for a kick that Moraga catches and takes down Mokhtarian,  Moraga has Mokhtarian’s back, looking for submission.  Time is running out on him again as the horn blows.  We give that round to Moraga once again for controlling the fight on the ground and being the more dominant fighter.
  • ROUND 3 – Moraga starts the round off taking Mokhtarian down once again.  Nice job working to your strength.  Moraga is raining down punches as he’s on top of Mokhtarian.  Moraga attempting a head and arm submission.  Mokhtarian defends well, however Moraga now has a full mount.  A minute to go in the fight.  We give this round and fight to Moraga 30-27.  30-25, 20-27 and 30-27 for your winner by unanimous decision John Moraga. Fight Rate: 3/5
Kiichi “Strasser” Kunimoto (Osaka, Japan) 18 – 6 – 2 VS Zak “The Barbarian” Ottow (Wisconsin, USA) 14 – 4 -0 Welterweight
  • ROUND 1 – Kunimoto comes out with a few leg kicks.  Followed by a two punch combo to Ottow’s face.  Ottow attempts a take down, which he doesn’t get but he does land a two hit combo himself that rocks Kunimoto.  Kunimoto attempts to take Ottow down, however Ottow defends well.  30 seconds to go in the first round, and both fighters are back in the centre of the Octagon.  We give this round to Ottow for his more effective striking and Octagon control.
  • ROUND 2 – Ottow starts the round off with a hook that stumbles Kunimoto.  Ottow goes for a kick, Kunimoto catches it and takes Ottow down.  Ottow escapes, reverses it and now has Kunimoto on the mat up against the cage.  Ottow has Kunimoto’s back attempting a submission.  Kunimoto defending well.  A minute to go in the round.  Kunimoto escapes, reverses it and ends up onto of Ottow.  We give this round to Kunimoto based on him having more control of the fight this round.
  • ROUND 3 – Kunimoto starts the round off with a big take down on Ottow.  Kunimoto looking to better his position however Ottow is defending it well.  Kunimoto is trying to drag Ottow against the cage.  Two minutes to go in the round, Kunimoto still has Ottow pinned on the ground.  Kunimoto has Ottow’s back with a minute to go, attempting a rear naked choke.  Ottow reverses it and is on top of Kunimoto with less than 20 seconds to go! Kunimoto gets up just as the round ends.  We give this round to Kunimoto as well as the fight 29-28 however we have been wrong before.  Let’s see what the judges say.  Judges decide 29-28 Ottow, 29-28 Kunimoto, 29-28 Ottow… and we’re wrong.  Zak Ottow wins by split decision! Fight Rate: 3/5



J.J. Aldrich (Colorado, USA) 4 – 2 – 0 VS Chan-Mi Jeon (Seoul, South Korea) 5 – 0 – 0 Strawweight

Fight Fact! This is Chan Mi Jeon’s UFC debut and she is the youngest UFC fighter on the roster at 19 years old. 

  • ROUND 1 – Here we go.  Another weekend, another fight! Jeon comes out with a few good kicks to start the round.  She seems to be controlling majority of the standup fight thus far.  Jeon with a hook followed by a jab to Aldrich.  Jeon with a jab that drops Aldrich however Aldrich quickly gets back up.  A minute to go in the round.  Both fighters exchanging strikes throughout the round however nothing of significance.  We give this round to Jeon due to more effective striking.
  • ROUND 2 – Aldrich starts off with a few strikes.  It seems she’s getting the timing right this round.  So far Aldrich seems to be winning this round as she is landing more strikes.  You can tell that the momentum in this round has shifted.  A minute to go in the round.  We give this round to Aldrich for more effective striking and controlling the round.
  • ROUND 3 – Jeon comes out aggressive starting the round off with a war cry! She lands a few strikes to Aldrich.  A right hook by Aldrich. Both fighters are striking well.  Two minutes to go in the round.  A spinning back kick by Aldrich that lands on Jeon’s face! The tables are turning again as Aldrich starts taking control of this round.  We give this round and fight to Aldrich 29-28 based on taking control of the last round and her more effective striking.  Judges decide 30-27 for winner by unanimous decision J.J. Aldrich! Fight Rate: 3/5

*Thibault “GT” Gouti 11 -3-0 (France) vs. Dong Hyun “The Maestro” Kim 14- 8 – 3 ( South Korea)*

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