UFC Fight Night 115: Volkov vs. Struve

Ahoy Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Netherlands
Saturday September 2, 2017


The prelims start off with a TKO between Thibault Gouti and Andrew Holbrook with 30 seconds left in the first round.  The next fight also ended in a TKO in the second round between Abdul-Kerim Edilov and Bojan Mihajlovic.  The third fight in the prelims between Zabit Magomedsharipov and Mike Santiago ended in a Rear Naked Choke Submission at 4:22 of Round 2.  A North South Choke Submission comes in the third round to end the fight between Mads Burnell and Michel Prazeres.  The fight between Felipe Silva and Mairbek Taisumov ended as quick as it began.  Ending via knock out in the first round at 1:24.  The ladies fight between Talita Bernardo and Marion Reneau on the main card also ended in a TKO at the very last minute.  4:54 of Round 3 to be exact.  The co main event between Siyar Bahadurzada and Rob Wilkinson also ended by a TKO at 3:10 of Round 2.  The main event also ended in a TKO!  This fight was between Alexander Volkov and Stefan Struve.  The TKO came in the third round at 3:30.

Overall, this card averaged a score of 3.66/5 therefore giving the card a rating of 5/5.  This fight card is now our new number 2 ranked event.

Until next time, Stay Tuned, Stay Focused. Good Night till the Next Fight.

Fighting out of the BLUE CORNER and fighting out of the RED CORNER




Darren Till  (Balneario Camboriu, Brazil ) 12 – 0 – 0  VS Bojan “Serbian Steel” Velickovic (Colorado, USA) 14 – 4 – 1 Welterweight

  • ROUND 1 – Velickovic starts the round off with a few leg kicks.  Till shakes it off and is stalking Velickovic, looking to counter.  Till lands a big strike that drops Velickovic against the cage.  Till lands an elbow that cuts Velickovic’s head open. The referee is looking closer.  Velickovic defends well and gets back to his feet.  Till lands a big elbow that stuns Velickovic.  The round ends, we give this round to Till for his dominance and almost ending the round.
  • ROUND 2 – Velickovic comes out a bit aggressive however Till responds back with a few strikes of his own.  Velickovic goes for a leg kick, Till catches it and takes Velickovic down to the mat.  Till landing big strikes and elbows from the top that forces Velickovic to move away.  Velickovic finding a home for all of his leg kicks.  The momentum has changed to favour Velickovic this round.  The round ends.  We give it to Velickovic for his control of the striking and controlling where the fight goes.  Even though Till had a take down, he didn’t do anything with it as Velickovic  was still the more active fighter.
  • ROUND 3 – Velickovic comes out aggressive.  Till has Velickovic against the cage however he isn’t doing anything while Velickovic escapes.  Both responding to the other with big strikes of their own.  Till drops Velickovic with a  hook.  Till gets a few big shots and then lets Velickovic get back up as he wants to keep this fight standing.  Over a minute left in the final round.  Both fighters are having some fun out there while the round comes to an end.  It was a very close round.  If Till wouldn’t have got the knock down, this round would have gone to Velickovic.  Due to his knock down and almost ending the fight.  We give this round to Till.  We give the fight to Till 29-28.  Judges Decide:  All three judges score 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision Darren Till.  Fight Rate: 3/5


Felipe Silva (Juiz DeFora, Brazil) 8 – 0 – 0 VS Mairbek “Beckan” Taisumov (Vienna, Austria) 25 – 5 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters start off feeling each other out.  Silva lunges at Taisumov as Taisumov lands a right hook to the chin and drops Silva.  Silva is out! The fight is over.  Mairbek Taisumov wins by KO at 1:24 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5


Mads Burnell (Husman, Denmark) 8 – 1 – 0  VS Michel “Tractor” Prazeres (Belem, Brazil) 22 – 2 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 –  Prazeres comes out aggressive.  Burnell controls it by pinning Prazeres against the cage.  Prazeres takes Burnell down.  Both fighters fighting for position.  No strikes have been landed yet.  Both fighters standing and Prazeres comes out striking and takes Burnell down against the cage.  Prazeres had full mount and landed a few elbows.  Burnell moves and gets out of  Prazeres’ full mount position.  The horn blows, we give the round to Prazeres for his control of the round.
  • ROUND 2 – The rounds start with Burnell throwing strikes and having Prazeres respond back.  Prazeres attempts a take down and gets it.  Both fighters still battling for position.  Prazeres landing a few strikes while on top.  Prazeres has full mount.  Prazeres attempting a submission however Burnell defends well and escapes.  The horn blows to end the round. We give this round to Prazeres one again for controlling Burnell on the mat.
  • ROUND 3 –  Prazeres continues to dominate Burnell with a take down working for position.  Burnell defending well however not well enough as Prazeres secures a submission forcing Burnell to tap out.  Michel Prazeres wins by North South Choke Submission at 1:26 of Round 3.  Fight Rate: 4/5


Desmond “The Predator” Green (Florida, USA) 20 – 5 – 0 VS Rustam “Tiger” Khabilov  (Dagstan, Russia) 21 – 3 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters coming out looking to trade a few strikes.  Nothing of significance.  Khabilov with a suplex to Green however Green defends well! Green seems to be giving the better of the strikes however Khabilov slams Green down to the mat.  Khabilov takes Green down once again and is controlling him.  With a minute left to go in the round, both fighters exchanging strikes in the centre of the Octagon.  The round ends.  We give this round to Khabilov for his control of the round and his ground game.
  • ROUND 2 – Khabilov comes out very aggressive and lands a few strikes to start the round.  Green responds with a combo of his own.  Seems like in this round, Khabilov is initiating the contact, while Green is reacting to it.  Khabilov with a take down however Green quickly gets up.  Green seems to have the more effective striking in this round and does a good job defending the take downs.  We give this round to Green for his dominant striking and control of the round.
  • ROUND 3 – Both fighters standing in the centre of the Octagon looking to figure out each others strikes.  Khabilov with an attempted take down which Green defends.  Green attempting strikes while Khabilov responds with his own.  Khabilov starting to pick up the pace and be more aggressive.  Less than a minute to go in this close fight.  Green gets a take down with 10 seconds to go however doesn’t do anything with it.  A very close round, however we give it to Khabilov for being the aggressor in the round.  We give the fight to Khabilov as well 29-28.  Judges Decide: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision Rustam Khabilov.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Francimar “Bodao” Barroso (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) 18 – 6 – 0 VS Aleksandar Rakic (Vienna, Austria) 4 – 1 – 0 Light Heavyweight

Fight Fact! This is Aleksandar Rakic’s UFC Debut!

  • ROUND 1 – Barroso landing some heavy strikes.  Rakic responds back with a few low kicks.  An upper cut by Rakic.  Barroso then charges at Rakic and pins him against the cage with 30 seconds left in the round.  Rakic reverses it and lands a few strikes himself.  There wasn’t much action in this round.  We give it to Rakic for attempting more strikes.
  • ROUND 2 – Both fighters come out extremely aggressive to start this next round.  Rakic with a big overhand that lands.   The momentum of the fight is changing already.  Both fighters continue to be aggressive with 2 minutes into the round.  Rakic seems to be giving the better of the strikes.  Barroso takes Rakic down.  Rakic gets up and lands some major shots that stun Barroso.  Barroso goes for another take down and gets it.  Even though Barroso had two take downs this round, we are giving the round to Rakic based on him being the more active fighter when he was on his back.  He also landed a lot more strikes that round.
  • ROUND 3 – Rakic comes out the more aggressive fighter this round.  Rakic lands a nice body kick.  Rakic putting on the pressure as he continues with his dominant striking with ninety seconds left in the final round.  Barroso throws a low kick that catches Rakic in the mid section having the fight stop for a few seconds.  Less than a minute to go.  Barroso attempts  a take down however Rakic defends well and the fight comes to an end,  We give this round and the fight to Rakic 30-27.  Judges Decide: 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision Aleksandar Rakic.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Zabit Magomedsharipov (Dagestan, Russia) 6 – 2 – 0 VS Mike “Little Bully” Santiago  (Illinois, USA ) 18 – 9 – 0 Featherweight

Fight Fact! This is Zabit Magomedsharipov’s and Mike Santiago’s UFC Debut! 

  • ROUND 1 – Magomedsharipov starts the round off with some flashy kicks.  Santiago attempts a take down against the cage. Magomedsharipov reverses it and has Santiago against the cage.  Both fighters break as Magomedsharipov gives a big upper cut to Santiago followed by a big attempted kick off the cage.  Magomedsharipov seems to be controlling the striking of this round thus far.  Santiago decides to slow the pace down and pins Magomedsharipov against the cage with less than a minute to go.  Magomedsharipov landing all his strikes to end the round.  We give this round to Magomedsharipov for his dominance in striking and controlling the round.
  • ROUND 2 – The second round starts with Santiago putting pressure on Magomedsharipov.  Santiago attempt to take down Magomedsharipov however Magomedsharipov quickly gets back up.  Magomedsharipov gets Santiago’s back and has his arm pinned.  Magomedsharipov working for a submission as Santiago defends well.  Santiago then attempts a submission however is unsuccessful. Magomedsharipov attempts a choke and then ends up in full mount.  Santiago is forced to tap out as Magomedsharipov sinks in a rear naked choke.  Zabit Magomedsharipov wins by Rear Naked Choke Submission at 4:22 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Abdul-Kerim Edilov (Grozny, Russia) 9 – 4 – 0 VS Bojan Mihajlovic (Odzaci, Serbia) 10 – 4 – 0 Heavyweight

Fight Fact! This is Abdul-Kerim Edilov’s UFC Debut! 

  • ROUND 1 – Edilov starts off the fight with a couple of leg kicks.  Edilov pins Mihajlovic against the cage and is landing some knees and head strikes.  Edilov attempting a take down which he gets in the centre of the Octagon.  Edilov continues to have top control and is landing strikes with 2 minutes left in the round.    This fight looks like it may get stopped soon.  The referee looking close.  The horn blows.  Mihajlovic is saved by the bell.  We give this round to Edilov for his control and dominance over Mihajlovic.  This would be a 10-8 round.
  • ROUND 2 – The second round starts with Edilov landing a big body kick.  Mihajlovic comes out swinging heavy.  Edilov takes down Mihajlovic once again.  This is deja vu of the first round.  Edilov landing some strikes on Mihajlovic from the top position.  The referee coming close once again.  Edilov lands continuous blows to Mihajlovic’s head.  The referee seeing that Mihajlovic is not defending himself, puts an end to the fight.  Abdul-Kerim Edilov wins his UFC debut by TKO at 2:32 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5


Thibault “GT” Gouti (Avignon, France) 11 – 3 – 0  VS Andrew Holbrook (Indiana, USA) 12 – 2 – 0 Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – A touch of gloves and we are on our way! Holbrook attempts a take down, Gouti defends well and both fighters are back on their feet.  Holbrook attempting a take down once again, however Gouti defends that as well and both fighters are back on their feet.   Good combos by both fighters.  Seems like Holbrook is throwing multiple punches while Gouti is only throwing one at a time.  With just over a minute to go in the round, Gouti is changing the pace as a high head kick drops Holbrook.  The referee is about to step in however decides against it last minute as he sees that Holbrook is still awake.  Holbrook gets back up as Gouti is landing some big strikes that pin Holbrook against the cage.  After multiple strikes, the referee steps in and puts a stop to the fight with 30 seconds to go in the first round.  Thibault Gouti wins by TKO at 4:28 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5

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