UFC 215: Johnson vs. Borg  Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2

Rogers Place | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


**As of Aug 18th, Junior Dos Santos was pulled from the card after being notified by USADA of a potential doping violation**

**As of Sept 8th, Ray Borg withdraws from his fight due to a viral illness, causing doctors to rule him unfit to compete**


The fights start off with a KO in the third round between Kajan Johnson and Adriano Martins.  The next TKO comes during the fight between Mitch Clarke and Alex White at 4:36 of Round 2.  An Arm Bar Submission comes quick in the first round at 2:51 between Ashlee Evans-Smith and Sarah Moras.  Another submission comes during the fight between Sara McMann and Ketlen Vieira in Round 2.  An Arm Triangle submission at 4:16.  The fight between Henry Cejudo and Wilson Reis ended in a KO during the second round at 0:25. The co main event between Rafael dos Anjos and Neil Magny was over before it even begun.  With an Arm Triangle Submission the fight ended at 3:43 of Round 1.  The main event between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko went to the judges for decision.  The first few rounds started off with little to no activity and seemed to get better.  Take a look to see if you agree with the judges decision or with how we thought the fight should have gone.  Let us know your thoughts.

Overall, this card averaged a score of 3.55/5 therefore giving the card a rating of 5/5.  This fight card is now tied for the fourth position overall this year with the following two cards; FIGHT NIGHT 110: LEWIS vs. HUNT Sat, June 10, 2017 as well as UFC 211: MIOCIC vs. DOS SANTOS 2 Sat, May 13, 2017.

Until next time, Stay Tuned, Stay Focused. Good Night till the Next Fight.

Fighting out of the BLUE CORNER and fighting out of the RED CORNER



Rafael dos Anjos (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) 26 – 9 – 0 vs. Neil Magny (Colorada, USA ) 19 – 6 – 0 – Welterweight

  • ROUND 1 – The round starts off with dos Anjos taking down Magny and controlling him from the side.  dos Anjos dropping some elbows on Magny’s head working for full mount.  He get’s it as Magny is trying to defend.  dos Anjos is sinking in an arm triangle submission which he gets! Magny is forced to tap out.  Rafael dos Anjos wins by Arm Triangle Submission at 3:43 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Henry “The Messenger” Cejudo (Arizona, USA) 10 – 2 – 0  vs. Wilson Reis (California, USA) 22 – 7 – 0 – Flyweight

  • ROUND 1 – Cejudo starts off the fight with a big jab.  Reis follows up with a leg kick.  Cejudo starting to open up his strikes and land a few combos.  Cejudo turning up the pressure towards Reis and landing combos in the process.  Cejudo with a knee as Reis goes for a take down.  Cejudo ends up on top of Reis delivering some strikes however Reis quickly gets back up.  A big head kick by Cejudo.  Reis recovers well however Cejudo with a leg kick that drops Reis.  Reis gets back up once again, however yet again Cejudo takes Reis down with a take down.  The round comes to an end, we give this round to Cejudo for his dominance.
  • ROUND 2 – Cejudo drops Reis with a straight right hand to start off the second round.  He jumps on him delivering blow after blow until the referee stops the fight.  Henry Cejudo wins by KO at 0:25 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Ilir “The Sledgehammer” Latifi  (Malmo, Sweden) 13 – 5 – 0 vs. Tyson Pedro (Sydney, Australia) 6 – 0 – 0 – Light Heavyweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters come out very careful as one punch by each fighter could end this fight.  Pedro pins Latifi against the cage however Latifi escapes.  Latifi now has Pedro up against the cage and takes him down.  Pedro wisely gets back up and both fighters are in the centre of the Octagon.  Pedro is taking advantage of his distance with the kicks, however Latifi is countering them well with his take downs.  Latifi now working for submission however Pedro gets up.  Latifi has Pedro pinned against the cage with 30 seconds to go.  We give this round to Latifi for his take downs and counter strikes.
  • ROUND 2 – Latifi starts of the round with a flurry of punches.  Pedro responds with some leg kicks.  A nice uppercut by Pedro.  Latifi comes with a flurry of punches that pins Pedro against the cage.   Latifi then picks up Pedro and slams him down.  Latifi landing some shots on Pedro as Pedro works his way back up.  The round ends with Latifi holding Pedro against the cage as both fighters exchange strikes.  We give this round to Latifi once again for his effective striking and his control.
  • ROUND 3 – A nice leg kick by Pedro to start the third round.  Latifi with a big flurry of his own followed by a 3 punch combo to Pedro that stuns him.  Pedro throws a leg kick, Latifi responds with a punch.  Latifi picks up Pedro and slams him to the mat once again.  Two minutes to go.  Latifi is dominating Pedro on the ground.  He’s controlling Pedro and landing some strikes, not letting Pedro up.  The round ends.  We give this round and the fight to Latifi 30-27.  Judges Decide:  29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision Ilir Latifi.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez (California, USA) 22 – 6 – 0 vs. Jeremy “Lil Heathen” Stephens (California, USA) 25 – 13 – 0 – Featherweight

  • ROUND 1 – The fight starts off with both fighters feeling each others range.  Stephens lands a nice combo.  So far to begin the fight, Stephens seems to be pushing the pace while Melendez is counter punching.  A good leg kick by Stephens stumbles Melendez.  Stephens continues to land leg kicks and strikes to Melendez’s head.  Stephens lands a big leg kick that has Melendez hoping and falls down.  Melendez gets back up aggressive however Stephens is landing big shots.  Stephens continues with the leg kicks that drops Melendez once again with 10 seconds to go.  Stephens jumps on Melendez delivering some strikes as the horn blows.  We give this round to Stephens for his effective striking and dominance over Melendez.
  • ROUND 2 – Before the second round started, the doctor came and took a look at Melendez’s leg to make sure it was safe to fight.  Melendez comes out aggressive to start off the round.  Stephens continues to kick the lead left leg of Melendez.  Melendez changing his stance however keeps reverting back to have his left leg in front.  Both fighters trading strikes in the centre of the Octagon.  A quick time out to Melendez calls for a quick time out.  The fight continues with both fighters in the centre of the Octagon.  Stephens continues to land more effective strikes to Melendez.  Another leg kick by Stephens drops Melendez, the referee looking in close.  Melendez gets back up and both are back in the centre of the Octagon.  A head kick by Stephens.  Less than a minute to go.  Stephens continues to find a home for his jabs.  Stephens drops Melendez again as the horn blows.  We give this round to Stephens once again for his dominant and effective striking,
  • ROUND 3 – The third round starts off with both fighters exchaning strikes.  Stephens landing punches to Melendez.  Stephens gets Melendez leg and drops him once again however Melendez gets back up.  Melendez is doing a good job not showing any weaknesses.  Stephens drops Melendez once again with the leg kick with 20 seconds to go in the final round.  We give this round and fight to Stephens 30-27.  Judges Decide:  Judges score 30-26, 30-26 and 30-25 for the winner by unanimous decision Jeremy Stephens.  Fight Rate: 3/5


Sara McMann (South Carolina, USA) 11 – 3- 0 vs. Ketlen “Fenomeno” Vieira (Manaus, Brazil) 8 – 0 – 0 – Bantamweight

  • ROUND 1 – The fight starts off with McMann attempting a take down.  She doesn’t get it however she has Vieira against the cage still working hard to get a take down. She gets one and is landing some elbows while Vieira is attempting a submission.  We’re halfway through the round and McMann is still on top.  Vieira attempting a submission with McMann defending well.  A minute left in the round, McMann has full mount and is raining down punches on Vieira.  Vieira escapes full mount and is attempting a submission.  Vieira has a leg lock with 20 seconds to go.  McMann waiting for the time to run out.  McMann escapes as the round ends.  We give it to McMann for controlling majority of the round with her top control.
  • ROUND 2 – McMann comes out aggressive.  It seems like McMann is pushing the pace while Vieira is responding.  McMann goes for a take down as Vieira is landing some punches therefore having McMann abandon the take down.  McMann then pins Vieira against the cage once again landing upper cuts and knees.  Vieira then sweeps McMann and throws her down.  Vieira attempting to go for arm triangle choke submission which she gets.  McMann taps out.  Kelten Vieira wins by Arm Triangle Submission at 4:16 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Ashlee “Rebel Girl” Evans-Smith (California, USA) 5 – 2 – 0 vs. Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras (British Columbia, Canada) 4 – 3 – 0 – Bantanweight

  • ROUND 1 – Both fighters coming out aggressive.  Evans-Smith controlling Moras against the cage.  Evans-Smith takes Moras down.  Evans-Smith is controlling Moras on the round, landing a few strikes and avoiding any submissions.  Moras has Evans-Smith in an Arm Bar Submission as Evans-Smith is trying to defend it.  Moras than flips Evans-Smith over to get better control and gives Evans-Smith no option but to tap out.  Sarah Moras wins by Arm Bar Submission at 2:51 of Round 1.  Fight Rate: 4/5

Rick “The Gladiator” Glenn (California, USA) 19 – 4 – 1 vs. Gavin “The Newfoundland Terror” Tucker (Nova Scotia, Canada) 10 – 0 – 0 – Featherweight

  • ROUND 1 – Tucker comes out aggressive attempting a Rear Naked Choke however Glenn defends well.  Tucker lands a good jab to Glenn’s face.  Tucker seems to be landing more strikes and has Glenn pinned up against the cage.  Glenn escapes and both fighters are in the centre of the Octagon.  A nice elbow by Tucker to Glenn’s face.  A low blow by Glenn puts a quick stop to the action.  The fight continues with Tucker coming out aggressive and landing a few strikes.  Glenn lands a left hook that drops Tucker.  Tucker gets back up and comes back aggressive.  Glenn is starting to turn the tide and gain control of the round.  The round ends.  We give this round to Glenn for landing more significant strikes and dropping Tucker at the end of the round.
  • ROUND 2 – The second round starts with Tucker coming out aggressive once again.  A big knee by Glenn that lands on Tucker’s face.  Tucker brushes it off and comes back with combos.  Tucker goes for a take down however Glenn reveres it and ends up on top.  Tucker attempts a leg lock which Glenn reverses and is landing shots on Tucker.  Tucker gets back up and both fighters are against the cage.  Glenn is turning up the pressure now, landing shots to Tucker.  Glenn takes Tucker down once again and yet again Tucker gets back up.  Glenn continues to control Tucker in standup and on the ground.  The round ends with Glenn dominating Tucker.  We give this round to Glenn once again.
  • ROUND 3 – Glenn comes out swinging in this round.  Tucker attempts a take down, Glenn reverses it and ends up on top of Tucker landing strikes to Tucker’s body and head.  The referee is looking in closer as Tucker is bleeding from his eye.  Glenn continues to hammer down as the referee creeps in closer.  Tucker is still defending well so the referee doesn’t stop the fight.  A minute to go in the round as Glenn continues to control this fight on the ground.  The referee should be stopping this fight.  However he still continues to let this fight go till the horn blows.  The referee could have stopped this fight around the 3 minute mark and many times after that.  However he decided not too, which we are very disturbed by as you could tell Tucker could no longer defend himself and was getting a beating.  We give this fight and the round to Glenn 30-27.  Judges Decide: Winner by unanimous decision Rick Glenn.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Mitch “Danger Zone” Clarke (Edmonton, Canada) 11 – 4 – 0 vs. Alex “The Spartan” White (Connecticut, USA) 11 – 3 – 0 – Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – The fight starts out with both fighters landing strikes.  Clarke with the kicks and White with the punches.  Both fighters grappling for position.  Clarke seems to be the one with more control, landing some knees.  White landing more punches.  With a minute to go, both fighters grappling for position.  The horn blows, we give this round to Clarke for being the more aggressive fighter and controlling majority of the round even though White may have landed more strikes.
  • ROUND 2 – The second round starts with White countering Clarke’s strikes.  White stuns Clarke with a shot, Clarke then grabs ahold of White to attempt a take down, however doesn’t succeed.  Clarke grabs White, attempting a take down once again, however White landing continuous elbows to Clarke’s head.  It seemed like Clarke was out however somehow he survives and the fight continues.  White is continuing to land shots on Clarke however Clarke is still standing.  White lands a shot to Clarke the drops Clarke.  The referee looking close, however Clarke is still doing good.  Clarke attempting a take down once again, and once again White with the elbows.  40 seconds to go.  A front kick from White drops Clarke, followed up with a few punches.  The referee jumps in to stop the fight as he’s seen enough punishment from White.  Alex White wins by TKO at 4:36 of Round 2.  Fight Rate: 4/5


Arjan Bhullar (Vancouver, Canada)  6 – 0 – 0 vs. Luis “KBL” Henrique (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) 10 – 3 – 0 – Heavyweight

Fight Fact! This is Arjan Bhullar’s UFC Debut! Arjan was also part of the Canadian Olympic Wrestling Team.

  • ROUND 1 –  Bhullar starts off the fight with a huge hook that rocks Henrique, however Henrique holds his composure well.  Bhullar keeping Henrique on the outer edge of the Octagon as he’s putting pressure on him.  Bhullar then putting the pressure on Henrique by taking him down.  Henrique however gets up quickly and then Bhullar has him against the cage with less than 30 seconds to go.  We give this round to Bhullar for controlling majority of the round and landing more significant strikes.
  • ROUND 2 – Henrique starts off the round with a few kicks.  Bhullar responds back with a hook of his own that backs Henrique up.  A huge right hand by Bhullar drops Henrique once again.  Henrique up again quick.  Bhullar then using his wrestling picks up Henrique and then slams him down.  Bhullar dropping elbows, controlling Henrique on the ground.  With 10 seconds to go, we give this round to Bhullar for the take down and controlling majority of the round.
  • ROUND 3 – The third round starts with Henrique pressuring Bhullar.  Henrique lands a body kick.  Both fighters exchanging some combos.  Bhullar then pins Henrique against the cage however once again Henrique escapes quick.  Bhullar then pins him once again attempting a take down.  Henrique defends well and gets out.  Both fighters exchanging combos, Henrique giving the better of them so far.  As the round ends, both fighters are throwing strikes, hoping for one to land.  We give this round to Henrique for his dominant striking however we give the fight to Bhullar 28-28.  Judges Decide:  All three judges score 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision Arjun Bhullar.  Fight Rate: 3/5

Kajan “Ragin” Johnson (Quebec, Canada)  21 – 12 – 1 vs. Adriano Martins (Manaus, Brazil) 28 – 8 – 0 – Lightweight

  • ROUND 1 – Here we go! The fight starts off with both fighters feeling each other out.  Neither fighter gaining control of the round just yet.  Martins seems to be the fighter controlling the Octagon thus far by pressuring Johnson.  A heavy punch by Martins lands on Johnson.  A hook by Martins that drops Johnson.  Martins jumps on Johnson to sink in a submission however time runs out as the horn blows and the round ends.  We give this round to Martins for controlling the round and landing more effective strikes.
  • ROUND 2 – Martins is stalking Johnson by always calling him back to the centre of the Octagon.  Johnson seems to want to stay away.  Johnson puts together a few strikes, however Martins responds back with a strike of his own. Martins still putting pressure on Johnson.  Johnson responds back with some kicks.  Martins is now chasing Johnson in the Octagon.  Even though Johnson has landed more strikes this round, Martins has controlled the round by always backing Johnson up.  Due to that, we give this round to Martins.
  • ROUND 3 – The third round starts off with Martins chasing Johnson once again.  Johnson throws a body kick, followed by a right hook that drops Martins.  Martins looks out however Johnson goes and lands a few more shots to make sure.  The referee jumps in to put an end to the fight.  Kajan Johnson wins by KO at 0:49 of Round 3.  Fight Rate: 4/5

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